Guidance on your German journey

With your start in Germany many topics pop-up and generate questions in your head. We don’t get financial knowledge taught at school and this is why many people are looking for answers in several topics. 

In Germany we do have a huge gap in Englisch services and this is why I am on a mission to close gaps in financial knowledge especially for internationals who come to Germany for work and living.

My clients say: „Mrs. Brunner’s expertise makes the complex easier!“

What you can expect from my service

From the beginning I supported international people in different financial topics. My guidance is holistic and interlocks financial and protection topics in your current life situation and for your future plans. With my experience I provide knowledge which enables you to make suitable decisions by your own.   

I love to support people!  

Guidance in different topics

How to read official documents
Learn more about which information you can get out of existing insurance contracts, the information letter from German public pension or your payslip.

Status quo check
Together we will have a deeper look into existing documents like insurance contracts or documents from authority side. Based on your current life situation I will check, if existing contracts still suite your personal situation. We can clarify questions regarding contracts from employer side as well.

Purchasing a property
A very complex topic! It comes with a lot of paper work and of cause you need to talk to a lot of people. Involved in the process are a seller, a real estate agent, the bank for a mortgage and a notary to guide the purchasing process in a legal way. I am on your side like a team member to give you all the information you need to go through the whole process.