English Services

In September 2022 the very first „Welcome to Germany Summit“ took place. Together with Lisa Janz, Job Coach Germany, I organised the whole summit and acted as host and speaker. The summit provided information for expats, repats and internationals who are looking for support in Germany in fields like intercultural coaching, learning  German language, relocation,  media like podcasts and Financial Education. The videos originated as part of my speech at the summit and they give a short insight about the services I do provide as guidance on your German Journey.

Financial Knowledge

Starting in a new country could be very tough and overwhelming. A new language, unknown rules and regulations as well as a flood of information leads to uncertainty and often to the result:
„Better doing nothing, then doing something wrong!“

To find solutions for your current life situation and your future plans, it is recommended to create a unique road map to stay on trail and find the right solutions.

When changes happens in your life, Financial Education is flexible to get adjusted to the new life situation.

How to read official documents

Learn how to read official documents like pay slip, insurance documents or the German Pension Information. The information that’s provided in this service gives you the opportunity to be well prepared to communicate with official counterparts and ask the right questions to get the right answers. 

With a higher confidence it is more easy to find the right solutions and, of cause, to make the right decisions. 

Insurance check-up

Existing insurance contracts can be a mystery because of insurance language and confusing information. A check-up of existing insurance contracts provides you all relevant information and an overview, if the existing contract still suites to your current life situation and your future plans.

With all relevant information it is very easy to adjust the existing contracts to your current life situation and to be sure, that you and your family are well covered.

Purchasing a Property

Purchasing a property is a very difficult topic. There are many steps to take, many people to communicate with and a lot of paperwork to do.

To feel save and secure it make sense to have an expert on your side, who supports you in the single steps. Know your numbers, be sure which type of property suites you and your financial situation, find the right loan concept and get easy through the jungle of all the paperwork from bank, landlord and the notary.